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This is a site devoted to the Hockin Family. A family that formed in Cornwall, from the wave of Celts who travelled 2000 miles across Europe from Asia minor, into the Danube delta and up into its head waters; over the watershed into the Rhine basin, across the low countries and settling eventually as farmers in Britain, approximately 3000 years ago......and since then, have spread from there into every continent of the globe.

Cornwall - the European source of us all

There are two mainstreams of the Hockin family. One is centred on Phillack, near Hayle, the other on Wadebridge, stretching from Padstow in the N. West to St. Austell in the S. East, and from St. Gennys in the N. East, to St. Columb in the S.West. In each area, the first presently known Hockin is in approximately AD 1640 - 1660.

In the former area was John Hockin, b. circa 1654, d. 15 Oct. 1706, of Caleane and Godrevy, m. 18 Jan 1667 to Alice Harry, d.17 Jun. 1728.

In the latter area was Thomas Hockin, b. circa 1660, of Padstow, m. Martha (details unknown), with a son Edward, b.27 July 1690 at Padstow.

At present (Nov. 2000), a connection between the two lines has not been established. The Phillack line were Farmers, later to acquire the living of Phillack parish, and to be its parish priest until the early 1900's. Others from here went into several professions - Law, The Navy and Army, The Foreign Service, The H. East India Co. , Medicine and the Church. The Hockins of the Wadebridge region were also widely occupied: - Master Coopers, Hatters, Farmers, Millers, Master Mariners.

Contents - these pages are still very much "under construction" - November 2000.

  1. History.
  2. Heraldry.
  3. Sources.
  4. Researchers.
  5. Contacts and Correspondents
  6. Known Countries of Emigration/Settlement.
  7. Genealogical Sources.
  8. Family History Societies.
  9. Links to other Genealogical Home Pages.
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1. Hockin History.

  1. Phillack.
  2. Wadebridge.

2. Heraldry.

  1. Grant of Arms to Descendants of John Hockin of "Caleane", Camborne.

    Artist: Jean E.Hockin, Portishead. '96

3. Sources.

  1. The late Miss A.G.D.LaTouche - personal researches.
  2. Genealogia Cornubiensis.
  3. College of Heralds.
  4. Nora Hockin - personal researches.
  5. Ashmolean, Oxford.

4. Researchers.

  1. The late Miss A.G.D.LaTouche - Riviere Towans, Phillack, Con., GB
  2. David E.Hockin - Portishead, N.Somerset, GB. Cornwall Family History Soc. 2582
  3. John C.Hockin - Swanage, Dorset, GB
  4. Nora M.C.Hockin - Gloucester, Ontario, Canada. Cornwall Family History Soc. 4891
  5. Nicholas R.Hockin - Easton-in-Gordano, N.Somerset, GB
  6. Mr. B.T.Hutchinson - Chelmsford, Essex. Essex Family History Soc. 723

5. Contacts and Correspondents.

  1. The late Miss A.G.D.LaTouche - Riviere Towans, Phillack, Con., GB
  2. John C.Hockin - Swanage, Dorset, GB CFHS
  3. Nora M.C.Hockin - Gloucester, Ontario, Canada. CFHS 4891
  4. Nicholas R.Hockin - Easton-in-Gordano, N.Somerset, GB
  5. Mr. B.T.Hutchinson - Chelmsford, Essex. Essex Family History Soc. 723
  6. Timothy G. Hockin - Warsash, Hampshire, GB.
  7. Tim Hockin - Ill, USA.
  8. Nan & Tony Middlewich - AUS.
  9. John Hockin - Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  10. John Hockin - CAN.
  11. Sheila Hockin - CAN.
  12. Harold Hockin - Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN.
  13. Andrew Hockin - CAN.
  14. Jill & Don Crawford - Cal, USA.
  15. Katrina Hockin - Ill, USA.
  16. Thomas A. Trethewey - USA. CFHS 7521.
  17. Mark J. Hockin - Swindon, Wilts., GB.
  18. Helen Bott - AUS.
  19. John Steane - AUS.
  20. James A. Reed - Penn, USA.
  21. Kathy Meyer - Iowa, USA.
  22. Elly Hockin-Baadsgaard - Minnesota, USA.
  23. David J. Hockin - Vancouver, Can.
  24. Kathie Weigel - Los Angeles, USA.

6. Known Places of Emigration/Settlement outside Cornwall.

  1. Australia.
  2. South Africa.
  3. Canada.
  4. England.
  5. India.
  6. West Indies.
  7. USA.
  8. New Zealand.

7. Genealogical Sources.

  1. Family Tree - 197? - Miss LaTouche, Phillack.
  2. Family Tree - Miss LaTouche, - updated 197? - D.E./J.E. Hockin.
  3. References to "Hockin" in Gen.Cornub.
  4. Exhibit in Ashmolean, Oxford - Lewis Carroll's Photographic outfit.
  5. Reference to Cornish Pumping engine for the Crofton summit of the Kennet and Avon Canal - CFHS journal volxxx ppyy
  6. St. Breock (Wadebridge) Parish Register - Corn. Rec. Office, Truro. (and CFHS)
  7. Hockin refs. in Camborne Records, Bodmin. (Miss LaTouche).
  8. Graves in St. Breock churchyard, Wadebridge. (C.E. & B.B.Hockin)
  9. Survey of Hockins in S.Wales (current phone directories - 199?) - N.R.Hockin.
  10. Survey of Hockins in GB (current phone directories - 199?) - N.R.Hockin.
  11. List of known Hockins and their descendants from various current sources - November 1998 - D.E.Hockin.
  12. Transcription of section of Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire for 1830, by Ted Wildy.
  13. Names from the book, 'Bristol Postscripts', by George H. Gibbs, Lord Mayor's secretary, Bristol, 1947. [Last updated 16 Jan 1996]
  14. The Journal Of the Cornwall Family History Society

8. Family History Societies.